Gakkou Gurashi Episode #02

Remember guys and girls, this is just an ordinary Manga Time Kirara series… unless you paid attention to the Opening Sequence.

Oh yeah, this pink-haired lady is Megumi Sakura or Megu-nee for short.

While she’s somewhat ignored for barely having a presence, this teacher pops up every time Yuki is in danger. Anyways, kudos to her for making Yuki-chan safe!

Meanwhile, here’s a character that’ll be the center of attention on this episode. This is Kurumi Ebisuzawa, and she’s a former member of the athletics club.

Of course, her backstory is somewhat sad like the rest of the characters…

As you can see here, Kurumi has a crush on her sempai. However, it turned out for the worse for Kurumi-chan…

…as her sempai turned into a zombie and he’s about to kill Kurumi-chan. Fortunately, Kurumi picked up a shovel and was forced to kill that person she admired with.

Well, it’s very unfortunate for her! While she remained alive, it’s sad that Kurumi didn’t tell her feelings in the end!

So with that said, Kurumi went through hell in her lifetime and she became a hardened veteran by smashing zombie heads with her trusty shovel. Too bad though as Yuki-chan remained oblivious to this harsh reality.

In any case, Gakkou Gurashi is not just an ordinary Manga Time Kirara series. In fact, it’s even darker than Yumekui Merry (if you remember that show)! With that said, see ya next week…

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