Tamayura ~Graduation Photo~ Episode #01

Welcome back to Takehara where it’s been almost five years since Tamayura premiered back in 2010.

As Fuu Sawatari and her friends are going to graduate soon, let’s cherish this moment with a 4-part movie series

Let’s start things off with two new recruits for the Photography Club: Takumi Shindou and Suzune Maekawa.

As you can see, Takumin is so enthusiastic on turning the club around as she knows the technicality of capturing good photos. Suzu-nee meanwhile just happened to join the Photography Club because she’s a fan of Kanae Mitani.

But with that said, the future of the Photography Club is in good hands!

Meanwhile, let’s talk about Potte’s friends as they’re set on their future after graduation, except for Kaoru Hanawa in which she’s undecided on what will she do in her life after high school.

For Norie Okazaki, she’s set on becoming a patisserie, while Maon Sakurada wanted to become a story-teller or a play performer someday. While her future has the potential to be promising, Maon-chan might become the next owner of her family inn if things didn’t turn out for Sakurada-san.

Moving onto the second half of this first episode as Chihiro Miyoshi and Tomo-chan visited Takehara for the Bamboo Festival.

While Chihiro-chan is excited to see Fuu-nyon again…

…Tomo-chan is interested in Potte’s new club members! Can’t you see how eager she is on asking questions to both Takumin and Suzu-nee!

One more thing, both Chihiro and Tomo-chan has decided to aim higher by studying abroad. That’s great for both of them!

Oh yeah, and let’s not forget Kanae Mitani as she became a fortune teller… for Sayomi-neechan’s club.

Sure that Kanae-sempai is enjoying her college life, but joining Sayomi’s fortune-telling club might get her into a bit of trouble down the road!

And finally, here’s Riho Shihomi as she goes to Tokyo after the festival in order to pursue her dreams of becoming a professional photographer.

It was a sad moment for Fuu-nyon to see Riho-san, who got inspired to take pictures again, leave Takehara for bigger things in life.

So, Potte talked to Riho-san for one last time as they discussed those wonderful memories together, all while telling her mentor that she’s pursuing a career in photography and wanted to travel across Japan and around the world.

Gotta say that it was a heart-warming moment for this episode. And although Riho already left Takehara after the Bamboo Festival, the memories that she shared together will remain in their hearts!

With that said, it’s the end of this first episode of Tamayura ~Graduation Photo~. The next episode might come out in Fall 2015 so I’ll be looking forward to that!

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