Ore Monogatari!! Episode #15

Here’s a new episode for Ore Monogatari!! I’m slow as fuck but I keep blogging this series until the end.

Anyways, I’m gonna start with Takeo returning a shoe to this boy. However, this boy’s mother is running away from Gouda as she saw him as a bear. Well, he get that a lot since Takeo is mostly being misunderstood by many!

Oh yeah, and he’s gonna participate in a Swedish relay event where he’ll be the last person to cross the finish line.

Sure that he can ace that event, but Takeo will have to train this girl named Mariya Saijou to run faster since the previous runner got sprained during practice.

Gotta say, Mariya being chased by Takeo is the most effective way to sprint like everyone in the relay team. After all, Gouda-kun believes in Saijou-san…

…even if she stumble to the ground! C’mon Saijou-san, get up and run as fast as you can!

All you need is you just give that baton to Gouda-kun and he’ll take care of the rest. Like I said earlier, Takeo believes in Mariya!

And so, Takeo sprints like a beast and you know that he’ll finish in first place. Honestly, these guys will be left in the dust afterwards!

In any case, he and his relay team made a comeback and got first place! Way to go, Takeo-kun!

As for Gouda, he gave Saijou-san a thumbs-up for not giving up the race! Just hoping that Mariya won’t fall in love with-

Nah, never mind… She’s in love with Takeo for being the manliest man ever! But wait, Takeo has a girlfriend already so I guess that Mariya will have to settle on calling him as “master” from now on.

Speaking of Takeo’s girlfriend, Rinko-chan is worried that some of Takeo’s female classmates are starting to notice how manly he is. Then again, Gouda-kun claims that he’s not popular with girls so it’s all good, right? Nah, I don’t think so!

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