K: Missing Kings

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s been a while since I’ve watched K and I’m happy that GoHands made a spectacular movie sequel!

In any case, this film is brought you by King Records where the story continues right after the finale. Sure that Yashiro Isana disappeared after stopping the Colorless King, but everyone at HOMRA are mourning the loss of their leader Mikoto Suoh. Heck, even Reishi Munakata is saddened by his rival’s passing.

Of course, there’s a new threat looming across Tokyo as a new clan JUNGLE emerges from the shadows and tries to topple the balance of power.

For that to happen, Yukari Mishakuji and his men are searching for Anna Kushina in which she has the key on finding the Silver King.

And yes, those guards from the Golden King Daikaku Kokujouji got slaughtered easily. Speaking of the Golden King, he’s nowhere to be found during this event.

In any case, it’s a dire situation as JUNGLE’s rise to power is unstoppable!

Meanwhile, Kuroh Yatogami and Neko are still searching for Yashiro Isana. Yes, they still believe that their friend is alive but they have no clue on finding him.

So, they asked Anna Kushina for help but she couldn’t do it right now due to Mikoto Suoh’s death. By the way, her bodyguard is none other than HOMRA’s “former” big guy Rikio Kamamoto. I’m surprised that he lost some weight after losing the leader of HOMRA.

Speaking of HOMRA, they’re scattered everywhere after the Red King was killed by the current Blue King Reishi Munakata. But right now, the only important thing for both Kuroh and Neko to do right now is to protect Anna-chan.

However, Yukari attacked Kuroh as he wants to take Anna away from them. And sadly, it works in Mishakuji’s favor…

…as he has a ninja ally who can go through walls. Damn those JUNGLE clansmen, they sure hacked their way to victory with this one!

With that said, Yukari Mishakuji and the rest of JUNGLE completed their objective. Of course, it’s not like Kuroh, Neko, and Rikio are not gonna give up just because Anna was kidnapped!

Okay, Rikio is too weak to rescue Mikoto’s mememto as Misaki Yata went to the enemy base instead. Of course, he got some help from an unlikely ally named Saruhiko Fushimi.

That’s right, his former friend-turned-rival helped him on finding the enemy base. Of course, Yata-san wasn’t the only HOMRA member who’ll rescue Anna-chan…

There’s also Izumo Kusanagi who just got back from Germany. While he didn’t find some clues on Yashiro’s whereabouts, I’m glad that he returned to back Misaki up!

Now then, what about Kuroh and Neko-chan?

Well, Neko is busy dealing with small-fries by summoning giant maneki-neko statues to do her bidding!

Oh, and Neko can transform into a cat so she can kick Yukari’s pet parrot down. See, it shows that Neko can kick ass and look cute at the same time!

As for Kuroh, I’ll get to him later…

For now, it’s time for some payback to this ninja as Yata-san beat the crap out of Yukari’s ally. Oh yeah, and it seems that this ninja was revealed to be female!

By the way, that female ninja was killed by Fushimi afterwards…

But let’s move onto this scene where Kusanagi-san decides to awaken Anna’s dormant powers for odd reasons.

Um, you should break her free instead of spending your time awakening her powers. Oh well…

However, it turns out that it’s really important for Kusanagi-san to awaken Anna’s powers, as she’s actually the next Red King!

So with that said, she met Tatara Totsuka during her dream. But, she’s not here for Totsuka-san…

That’s because Anna wants to see Mikoto Suoh one last time. Yeah, it was a heart-warming reunion between Mikoto and Anna-chan!

But her meeting with Mikoto-san will do the trick as Anna Kushina became the new Red King of HOMRA. Oh, and she broke free from her cage by unleashing her powers!

With Anna has finally become the Red King, Yukari Mishakuji and the rest of JUNGLE are pretty much worried of this new development.

Speaking of Mishakuji, he was beaten by his former pupil Kuroh. Just kidding, Yukari only got a scratch…

So he decided to retreat for now. Oh, and he decides to strike Anna’s Sword of Damocles with green lightning.

That bastard, he should have been killed by Kuroh!

However at the last minute, Reishi Munakata arrived in the nick of time. Not only that, he made a spectacular save for the new Red King Anna…

…by freezing the whole lightning. And damn what a sight that was!

While JUNGLE retreated for now (and I’m bitter that they didn’t get punished by that), what’s important was that Anna Kushina is safe and HOMRA has returned from the ashes now that they have a new Red King.

Oh, and it seems that both HOMRA and SCEPTER 4 forged an alliance after this incident. Great, now we don’t need to see another clash between these two clans.

While it’s important to have both sides working together to fight new foes in the future, I’m skeptical about it as some characters like Yata-san still has a grudge on Fushimi. Of course, I’m hoping that the grudge between Yata and Fushimi will mellow out a bit!

With this incident already settled, the question is still up in the air on what happened to Yashiro Isana?

Well, let’s ask the Golden King about that. This is Daikaku Kokujouji, and it turns out that he managed to save Yashiro Isana’s life since Kokujouji saw Adolf K. Weismann in him. Well actually, Yashiro is really Weismann!

Sadly though, Kokujouji’s days are already up and so he quietly passed away. But thanks to him, Yashiro returned and I’ll miss this old guy already!

And here’s Yashiro Isana, the current Silver King who emerges from his disappearance. Glad that you’ve come back, Shiro!

But you know what, I’m disappointed with this movie sequel as JUNGLE wasn’t punished for their crimes, and it seems that there won’t be a follow-up to this… until King Records and GoHands has decided to make a sequel this October 2015!

So, I have to say that while the movie is amazing due to its stunning visuals, seems that K: Missing Kings’s story is just a set-up for the upcoming second season. But anyways, see ya in October for the return of Yashiro Isana!

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