Symphogear GX Episode #03

Let’s start this episode with Hibiki’s friends (apart from Miku) who are singing about cooking beef stroganoff. Isn’t it cute while shit hits the fan for the Symphogear users?

In any case, let’s move onto the real meat on this episode!

So with both Tsubasa-san and Chris-chan having their Symphogears nullified by the Auto-scorers and their Alca-Noise, they have no other choice but to retreat for now… while being naked!

Meanwhile, Elfnein approached Chris-chan and tries to take away from the Alca-Noise. However, Elfnein is still trapped and she couldn’t defend herself nor Chris Yukine.

Luckily, both Kirika and Shirabe came to the rescue. Even though it’s temporary, they fend those Alca-Noise off and took both Elfnein and Chris-chan to safety!

Back in the United Kingdom, seems that Maria gave some cloth to cover Tsubasa up! Gee Maria, could you just give her a long blanket?

On the other hand, Maria has decided to join SONG in the fight against Carol and her Auto-Scorers. Well, looks like she doesn’t want to play as an idol anymore!

In any case, both Chris Yukine and Tsubasa Kazanari are safe. However, they’re sitting ducks as their Symphogear are useless against Carol’s alchemy…

So, Elfnein has a solution to that as she brought a fragment of the relic Dainsleif, which holds the key on thwarting Carol’s plan of disintegrating Earth into nothingness!

By the way, it was revealed that Elfnein is a homunculus created by Carol Malus Dienheim. Oh yeah, and Elfnein has no gender but let’s treat this homunculus as a girl, shall we?

Anyways, let’s end this episode as Garie Tuman challenged Hibiki to a battle. Oh, and she doesn’t mind having Hibiki’s friends being caught in the cross-fire!

So Hibiki accepts Garie’s challenge, but it seems that she can’t transform as Hibiki forgot how to sing. Oh, and let’s not forget that her Gungnir will be useless against Alca-Noise, so she’s a sitting duck this time around!

Anyways, let’s hope that Hibiki and her friends escape from this mess on the next episode.

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