Working!!! Episode #03

Looks like Aoi Yamada is trying her best to clean tables and dishes…

…just to get patted by Takanashi-kun. Of course, it wasn’t worth the effort unlike Popura-chan!

Meanwhile, Kozue-san is back and she brought her boyfriend Youhei Mashiba along the ride. Of course, she’s not here to just drink booze everyday, Kozue is here to give some love tips for Jun Satou.

And the reason why Satou-san is receiving tips to a drunkard…

…is because he asked Yachiyo Todoroki for a drink at a local pub. Oh, and Yachiyo got some tips from Kozue-san as well such as the choice of underwear and how to act while being drunk. Um, let’s scratch that latter part!

But let’s move onto their first outing together where Yachiyo-san got a great time. As for Satou-san, it felt so awkward when she’s talking about Kyouko-san and the color of her underwear!

But hey, his relationship with Yachiyo has leveled up a bit by hugging her. Dammit Jun, just tell Yachiyo already that you love her!

In any case, I’ll end this post with the return of a certain plain girl named Maya Matsumoto. Um, are you supposed to return on the finale instead of this episode?

Oh well, off to next week then…

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