Joukamachi no Dandelion Episode #03

Well Akane-sama, seems that you’re always picked “Shopping” every single time. What misfortune!

On the other hand, a certain member of the Sakurada family wants to eat curry…

That person is none other than Hikari, the seventh child of the Sakurada family who seeks attention very much unlike Akane-sama.

Oh yeah, and her ability “God’s Hand” can manipulate growth of any living thing…

In fact, she grew herself into her adult form… but it only lasts for 24 hours!

Sorry to burst your bubble there Hikari, but you should grow up naturally. Heck, your adult form won’t guarantee any favors! But hey, you have a consolation prize in the form of a cat named Borscht!

Meanwhile, Akane-sama is tired going outside to by some stuff, so the youngest member of the Sakurada family Shiori will take over.

Even though her “Soul Mate” ability is helpful when interacting any animals or objects in order to find solutions, Shiori is still vulnerable to something like stray dogs or kidnappers!

And so, the eighth child of Teru becomes Shiori’s guardian for a day. Unfortunately for him, he has eighth-grade syndrome despite being six years old.

Everything is a challenge to Teru-sama, and it doesn’t help that his mother put a seal on his right hand. C’mon, it’ll be bad if Teru-sama’s “Limit Over” ability goes out of control and starts hulking it out!

In any case, they finished their shopping duty safe and sound.

And now, I’ll end this post with Hikari… or should I say Light-chan making her idol debut!

Honestly, that Sacchan might quit her idol career sooner or later. But you know what, Hikari won’t be getting any favors ’cause her real identity is kept hidden from the public.

Anyways, Hikari should become an idol permanently instead of a ruler!

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