Aquarion Logos Episode #00

不動・GEN キタ━━━(゜∀゜)━━━!!!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for me to cover Aquarion Logos starting with this special episode!

Also known as Genesis of Aquarion EVOL, it’s a cross-over between the two previous series. Oh, and I hope GEN Fudou and ZEN Fudou joined forces to give moral lessons to both DEAVA and Neo-DEAVA, respectively!

Anyways, let’s start things off somewhere in 1966 when Shin Tsukishima met Yuno Kawazu at the Izu Islands. For some reason, they looked like Jin Muso and Yunoha Thrul from Aquarion EVOL, respectively!

Moving onto the story as Shin has a radio that can connect to various worlds (using a crystal as a catalyst), while Yuno has the Book of Genesis which holds a secret. In fact, the book is reacting to Shin’s crystal radio.

So he decides to borrow the Book of Genesis from Yuno, but she refuses to hand her precious book to a guy who just met.

And then, this happens as the book was split into two! Well that was normal, all it needs is stitch the book back together.

But nope, it got escalated quickly as the sky is starting to crack. Oh boy, I have a bad feeling that there’s something familiar is coming to this space!

It turns out, something came out from another dimension as Aquarion Evol appeared…

…lead by Kagura (sorry Amata), Zessica, and Yunoha. I’m surprised that Kagura got accepted to Neo-DEAVA after the battle against Mykage!

Of course, they’re not gonna fight some Abductors nor Shadow Angels…

…as they’ll fight the original Aquarion. Yes, it came back from the Earth’s core!

Oh look, Apollo is back together with Sylvia and Reika! On the other hand, where the hell is Sirius?

In any seems, both Aquarion mecha fought hard and the fans cheered with joy. Of course, Apollo’s team have the advantage over Kagura’s, and both Zessica and Yunoha were knocked out cold so Amata and Mikono substituted them, respectively.

Come to think of it, Shoji Kawamori is trippin- Wait, he’s already tripping balls with this cross-over. Add Nobunaga: The Fool, and we’re having one epic Kawamori Orgy! Sorry Macross, your universe to too vast to fit into this cross-over (apart from licensing issues).

Meanwhile, Shin is trying to make amends with Yuno despite the chaotic battle that’s happening right now.

Unfortunately though, Yuno got blown away and fell into the sea. And since time was stopped, she’s being suspended in water so it’s not like Yuno is sinking into the bottom!

In any case, Shin tried to saved Yuno but it got worse from there…

…as both of them went to another dimension and got separated in the process.

Same goes for both DEAVA and Neo-DEAVA as they were caught too and their respective team-mates got scattered across various worlds.

This means that you’ll see Apollo meeting Kagura in the flesh. And obviously, they’re bickering to see who’s better!

Oh, and it seem that they’re joined by Mikono and Yuno. I’m worried about Mikono since you have two wild guys smelling the heck out of her!

As for Yuno, the only thing she has is Shin’s crystal radio apart from the Book of Genesis.

Speaking of Shin, seems that he’s stuck with Amata, Sylvia, and Reika. Honestly, I can see that they’ll get stuck in limbo forever if both DEAVA and Neo-DEAVA continue their pointless battle.

But surprisingly, they decided to work together to fix their respective worlds, as well as bringing both Shin and Yuno back to their own time.

In any case, both teams plus Shin Tsukishima met Yuno Kawazu begin their joint mission to save their respective worlds.

Of course, they’re not gonna fight a bigger foe. In fact, it seems that Shin and Yuno hold the key to stop this crisis (with some help from Jin and Yunoha, respectively).

And so, they became pilots for a new Aquarion form…

…which is actually a robot frog. Surprised yet?

In that case, you’ll be more surprised that Yunoha’s stuffed frog is involved on this union!

But despite this weird form, it did a great job of “stitching up” their respective worlds back to normal… by hopping it through the seams until it forms a heart.

Gotta say that it was weird solution to this special episode!

Oh look, and the Book of Genesis was finally fixed, so all’s well that ends well for both Shin and Yuno.

In any case, that’s it for Genesis of Aquarion EVOL special. Oh, and as for ZEN Fudou, I forgot that he joined Mykage since he’s freaking Apollonius!

Well then, it’s time for me to move onto the first episode of Aquarion Logos!

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