Kuusen Madoushi Kouhosei no Kyoukan Episode #03

Woah Kanata, you sure have a maid fetish there! Oh yeah, and it’s part of Lecty’s special training…

…where she’ll work at a maid cafe, handing out flyers with coupons and serving customers.

Yes, it’s very hard for Lecty-chan as she’s freaking shy, but it’s for her own good if Lecty can fight without hesitation.

Meanwhile, Misora was given a mission to find Rico-sama’s weakness. However, Misora got caught by the self-proclaimed goddess and was forced to become Rico’s baggage carrier.

Misora, you should learn how to hide instead of simply following Rico-sama! On the other hand, seems that Misora found some tidbits of info from Rico Flamel, as she’s interested in philosophy and cute things.

Feeling that she failed her mission, Misora decided to wear a bunny suit and help Lecty instead, ’cause she don’t wanna see her freeze in front of slightly-horny guys! Also, Lecty got some help from Kanata’s former team-mate Lloyd Allwin.

In any case, Lecty got better as she’s interacting more with other people. As for Misora however, not only she failed her mission but she refused to change her role into a mid-range supporter.

Gee Misora, you not only suck at leadership but you’re not adept at fighting with swords. Honestly, just accept Kanata Age’s proposal already ’cause it’s for own good! *facepalm*

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