Aquarion Logos Episode #01

Ladies and gentlemen, here’s the latest entry to Shoji Kawamori’s Aquarion series.

However, it seems that it didn’t took place 12,000 years after EVOL as Aquarion Logos is a fresh new take on the saga, starting with this protagonist named Akira Kaibuki who’s destined to become the Earth’s savior… or so he says!

Anyways, let’s start to this new saga with a new villain named Sougon Kenzaki, who uses kanji by injecting it with a virus…

…and turning into a Mojibake or MJBK for short. Yeah, no Shadow Angels nor Abductors this time around!

Speaking of kanji, the world of Aquarion Logos revolves around this as kanji characters can either exist as it is, corrupt its meaning, or destroy its existence.

And so, Akira the savior sneaked into the DEAVA’s base and tried his best on saving the day…

…by hijacking a vector and summoning a hand using the power of his creative voice (or verbalism), just to grab this enemy mecha’s legs!

By the way, Sougon has Vector Machines to protect his creations, but they were stolen by DEAVA so he’s bitter about it.

But moving onto what’s important as Akira merged with an enemy Vector. Oh yeah, and while it’s not referencing to Aquarion EVOL, this white-haired girl is named Maia Tsukigane who was forced to merge with Akira…

…to form the titular Aquarion mecha. It’s not Aquarion Logos by the way, but be amazed on how this mecha “shine” on the battlefield!

And to make it more glittering, here’s Akira and Maia as they perform the most-famous move ever since 2005.

That’s right, the Mugen Punch! Of course, it was called Mugen-ken in Aquarion Logos.

But that’ll do the trick against this Mojibake. And apart from that, Akira Kaibuki successfully nabbed Maia Tsukigane from the enemy. Of course, there’s a question on how long Maia will stay in DEAVA.

In any case, it’s onto the next episode but I have some doubts on this new series. And by the way, it’s sad that AKINO with bless4 was not there to sing the opening theme, but Aquarion Logos has May’n instead so it’s somewhat a compromise.

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