GATE: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri Episode #04

So this female elf’s name is Tuka Luna Marceau, and she’s the only survivor to her village.

Said village was attacked by a fire dragon which claimed the entire elf community save for Tuka. Fuck the empire for doing this indirect massacre!

Meanwhile, seems that Lord Duran survived the onslaught from Episode 2. Of course, he’s somewhat clinging to his dear life after losing an arm and a leg.

Fearing that someone will assassinate him, Lord Duran told Princes Piña Co Lada that he and his allies were double-crossed by the empire they served!

Princess Piña was shocked by that news and so she decides to visit Italica for more answers, including information about the Japanese Self-Defense Forces.

Speaking of the JSDF, Lt. Itami and his fellow soldiers are taking care of the refugees. Of course, the only thing Youji cares about is getting updates for his favorite mobile game!

Dammit Lt. Itami, you’re gonna trade your military duty for your mobile game?! If your superiors are very strict, they might put you on court martial!

As for the refugees, they somewhat adjusted to modern conveniences like canned food and public baths.

On the other hand, Lelei la Lalena learned the Japanese language little by little. Maybe in the future, she’ll be an asset on translating the language of the Special Region to the JSDF!

And back to the JSDF, where I introduce this bespectacled officer named Yanagida, who somewhat ambitious on using the Special Region’s resources to reinvigorate Japan.

Of course, doing that would have consequences as both China and the United States are interested on going beyond the gate. But anyways, next episode will have the JSDF visiting Italica… and they’ll bump into Piña’s forces eventually!

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  1. Manifest says:

    The anime is too fast. Fifth episode is beginning battle Italica. Italica’s arch should cover two or four episodes. I will dropped watch this anime if they cut the battle for one or two episodes.

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