Ore Monogatari!! Episode #16

Hey guys and girls, Rinko Yamato is back! Of course, she’s worried that Takeo Gouda might get swooned over a certain girl…

That girl is none other than Mariya Saijou, who recently became Takeo’s student. But secretly, Saijou-san is having some intimate feelings for her master.

In any case, I feel that both of these girls should become friends instead of rivals. On the other hand, I think Saijou should make her move so that both Yamato and Gouda won’t doubt her.

And that’s making a confession to Takeo-kun. But this time, Mariya is gonna tell her feelings to her master!

Sadly for Saijou-san, she was rejected because Takeo already have Rinko-chan. Good effort though by the way for Mariya Saijou…

So yes, Saijou-san’s burden was lifted from her shoulders. By the way, get some tissues from Sunakawa-kun if you’re still crying for more!

Still, I think Saijou will get better after this. After all, Mariya’s master Takeo still welcomes her!

In any case, all’s well that ends well for this episode. And look, Rinko-chan and Takeo-kun are holding hands like lovers!

Well guys and girls, see ya next week…

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