Charlotte Episode #04

Hey, it’s Ayumi Otosaka and she made some morning toast…

…with added pizza sauce whose sweetness is unmatched! Now imagine putting it in Sanae’s special bread.

Meanwhile, Yusa Kurobane (or Nishimori) has finally descended to Hoshinoumi Academy, and the whole class have gone wild with it!

Heck, her “magic spells” can amaze everyone by her cute looks… unless her sister Misa takes over her body!

Anyways, it’s time to find people with special abilities and stop them before it gets worse. And so on this week’s episode, the student council goes to Kannai Academy to find this ace pitcher Arifumi and convince him to stop his telekinesis powers!

However, Arifumi refuses as he wants to go to Koshien together with his team. So, what will Nao Tomori do on this situation?

Well, why not challenge Arifumi’s team to a baseball match obviously. After all, it wouldn’t be a Jun Maeda show without baseball… Well, there are exceptions though!

In any case, Hoshinoumi Academy’s baseball team are a better team overall compared to Kannai Academy. However, Kannai Academy’s baseball team are slight stronger because of pitcher Arifumi and his catcher Takato.

In short, what was supposed to be a one-sided game for Hoshinoumi has turned into a bogged-down baseball match, where the team who made a run first will win it.

And so, it comes down to the 9th inning where Kannai Academy is in the lead with 1 run, thanks to Arifumi’s telekinetic pitching no less. Since he’s cheating his way to victory, Nao Tomori has no choice but to use their special powers to make 2 runs and win this baseball game.

While Arifumi learned a lesson after losing the match, this baseball episode wasn’t that great unlike Jun Maeda’s previous works like CLANNAD and Angel Beats!

In any case, see you next week and I hope something interesting will happen…

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