Symphogear GX Episode #04

Well, since Hibiki can’t sing and transform, might as well run away from Garie!

However, it’s not like Garie won’t let them go easily. Also, Hibiki fumbled her Gungnir relic, so what an epic fail there!

Until Maria picked her relic up and transform. And you think that she was useless, huh?

Guess again as Maria beat the shit out of those Alca-Noise. And who says that her Symphogear is nothing against those abominations?

In any case, she plowed them LIKE A BOSS!

Well except for Garie, which proves that Maria’s powers aren’t enough to penetrate Carol’s Autoscorers!

Therefore, Maria’s heroic time was up. However, seeing her eyes and mouth oozing with blood reminds me of those times where Tsubasa almost died using her swan song!

Dammit, wipe your face off will ya?

Meanwhile, here’s the last Autoscorers that’ll make her appearance on this week’s episode.

Here’s Micha Jawkan, and she’s ready to claw her way through on her first sortie…

…by killing Miku Kohinata in front of Hibiki. And afterwards, Micha proceeds to cut Hibiki into pieces if she can sing and transform.

But in a bit of surprise, Hibiki transforms into her Symphogear armor and rescues Miku in the nick of time!

Damn, I’m glad that Hibiki got the courage to sing once more for her friends.

And so, Hibiki proceeds to beat the shit out of Micha. Alchemy be damned!

However, it wasn’t meant to be for Hibiki…

…as she received a fatal counter from Micha, which her armor disintegrates and knocked out cold. And damn, it’s supposed to be her return to greatness after last week’s episode!

Anyways, all Symphogear users are out of commission. Unless Elfnein’s Dainsleif fragment was put into good use, Carol Malus Dienheim and her Autoscorers are unstoppable.

With that said, see ya next week and damn those cliffhangers are getting on my nerves!

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