Working!!! Episode #04

Here’s Hiroomi Souma as he’s curious on Satou’s relationship with Todoroki-san. After all, he’s doing it for the lulz!

Too bad though as Satou-san won’t tell him about last week’s episode. In fact, both Satou and Todoroki are acting weird on this episode.

But in the end though, both Jun and Yachiyo will be fine as if they’re just co-workers. On the other hand, their relationship didn’t go up for this week!

Meanwhile, here’s Mitsuki Mashiba as she challenged Jun Satou to a quiz to see if he’s worthy on dating Yachiyo Todoroki!

Sadly though, he couldn’t answer all of Mitsuki’s question because Satou doesn’t talk with Todoroki-san much in other things apart from Kyouko Shirafuji.

On the other hand, Satou-san can answer questions regarding Kyouko since he always listen to Yachiyo’s rambling about her master!

Anyways, I’m gonna end this post as Takanashi-kun beat the hell out of Kirio. And you know why? ‘Cause Yamada-kun spilled the beans that Souta Takanashi loved Mahiru Inami, which he denied it!

But honestly, Inami-chan is getting cuter since she’s no longer punching Katanashi-kun in the face.

On the other hand, Mahiru felt disappointed that Souta didn’t notice how cute she was, let alone harboring feelings for Takanashi-kun.

Also, why is Aoi Yamada sitting beside Inami-chan? Oh wait, she helped Mahiru on pushing her relationship with Souta-kun further. Then again, Aoi-chan failed to do so!

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