Durarara!!×2 Episode #16

Shizuo Heiwajima, you know him as one of the strongest beings in Ikebukuro. However, there’s a rumor that he has a girlfriend, which is impossible for him since Shizuo can’t keep his temper down!

So, who is Shizuo’s mysterious girlfriend perhaps?

Well it turns out to be none other than Vorona, who happened to encounter Shizuo while she’s standing there at Russia Sushi. Also, she’s not his girlfriend by the way!

While Vorona remembers Heiwajima, Shizuo doesn’t remember her since she’s wearing her helmet during the scuffle between Dollars and Toramaru. But you know what, let’s keep Vorona’s identity a secret to Shizu-chan

Since she’s bored on being a waitress, Vorona becomes a loan-shark in training. And what can I say, Vorona is damn good at her job… Well, she’s too damn good to beat up people who can’t pay their loans!

Oh yeah, and it seems that Akane-chan is making friends with Shizu-chan. But you know what, it’s a ploy to get back at him! Also, there’s a rumor that Shizuo is part of the Awakusu-kai, which isn’t true.

By the way, Akane is trying to learn self-defense…

…from Izaya’s lesbian twin sisters. Damn, talk about endless possibilities of Akane killing Shizuo in many ways by learning with Kururi and Mairu!

Wait a minute, are we talking about self-defense or assassination techniques? Oh well, let’s hope that things turn out better for Shizuo and his kouhai Vorona!

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