Joukamachi no Dandelion Episode #04

This is Borscht, the pet cat of the Sakurada family who was found by Hikari last episode. As you can see, he’s very fond of Akane for some reason… Maybe it because Borscht likes to sleep on her flat chest!

Also, he likes plastic bars which is a no-no since it’s bad for the environment!

Anyways, let’s introduce a character to start this episode. This is Karen Ayugase, who always helped Akane-sama when she’s in trouble.

Of course, Karen is facing her biggest challenge yet…

…as her royal friend is not wearing her skirt. What’s worse is that Akane didn’t notice it!

And look, Karen and the rest of the class noticed it too, so it’s a problem for Akane as she might die from embarrassment!

By the way, that guy in glasses is happened to be the student council president Souji Fukushina. Also, he’s somewhat interested in Akane-sama…

…especially when he and his army of perverts are curious to see what’s underneath Akane’s clothes.

See, they’re trying to find out on whether she’s wearing panties or not!

In any case, seems that Akane-sama noticed that she’s not wearing a skirt. But on the other hand, Akane is confident that she’s wearing shorts that are comfy!

Really Akane, are you sure that you’re wearing something? I don’t think so…

That’s because she’s not wearing shorts to cover up your panties, as you can see the reaction from those raging boys plus Karen-chan.

In any case, Akane died from embarrassment after her panties was shown again! Oh yeah, as for Souji Fukushina? I lied about him being the student council president!

This is the real student council president named Uzuki-san, and she doesn’t appear much so she let vice president Kanade do the daily council activities like giving speeches and stuff!

As for Fukushina-san, it was revealed that he’s the president of the Akane Fan Club. By the way, Shuu Sakurada is also a member of that fan club too!

Anyways, see ya next episode…

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