Kuusen Madoushi Kouhosei no Kyoukan Episode #04

This is Socie Whitale, Misora’s mother who is one of the best Sky Wizards around. And for some reason, she looks like Rias Gremory if you look closely.

Too bad though as Socie was killed and only Misora remembers her dearly. And that’s why Misora wants to be a vanguard by inheriting her mother’s Magic Cannon Sword, something that Kanata refuses to do as he wants to put her into mid-range support!

But after a brief conversation to Misora’s dad Gail (which he doesn’t remember his wife and he got bald because of it), Kanata reconsidered his decision and let Misora become a vanguard.

However, Kanata told Misora to have a great resolve in order to become a better swordsman, even surpassing Socie if she get lucky.

In any case, two problem girls down and one obnoxious goddess left to be schooled by Kanata Age!

Oh yeah, and let’s end this post with Real Nua as he has a crush on Yuri Flostre after seeing her in Ep. 3.

Now, Mr. Nua wants to return the handkerchief to Yuri since she wipe his crotch off (or so I remembered)!

Too bad though as Yuri is still hots for her traitorous Sky Wizard. Honestly, I think she wants Kanata-sempai to notice her.

And also, all she needs is to say Yukina Himeragi’s signature catchphrase: “No sempai, this is our fight!” For those who don’t know, Risa Taneda voiced both Yuri Flostre and Yukina Himeragi, plus a couple of twin-tailed female characters like Aya Komichi and Rize Tedeza!

Anyways, it’s a sad day for Real Nua as he got dejected… unless he pulled something dirty like NTR!

Now then, I’ll see you next week as it’s time for Rico Flamel!

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