Gakkou Gurashi Episode #04

This is Miki Naoki, and this week’s episode will focus on Mii-kun…

…and her friend Kei Shidou. I have a feeling that it won’t end well!

Anyways, both Mii-kun and Kei-chan went out shopping since they’re dismissed early. Of course, they’re not unaware on what’s happening around Megurigaoka at that time…

Oh yeah, and it looks like they met Taroumaru along the way. However, it seems that Taroumaru’s owner couldn’t be found…

…as the owner became one of them. And honestly, going to a mall where you have zombies lurking around and eating brains is a spell for disaster!

They should have stayed at the school rooftop, but they didn’t!

In any case, both Miki and Kei stayed at the mall until help arrives… Unfortunately, it didn’t happen!

And so, Kei Shidou decides to go outside, thinking that there’s a chance that she’ll find help. Then again, I don’t think Kei-chan will succeed!

Meanwhile, the newly-formed School Living club are going for their first outing together.

Of course, it’s not like they’re gonna go outside on foot. And so, Kurumi takes the lead…

…and borrows Megu-nee’s MINI Cooper S. But wait, Kurumi is too young to drive and she needs to be 18 years old before getting her licence!

Fuck it, who needs to wait for a long time as Kurumi can drive like a pro! In fact, rumor has it that Kurumi played Gran Turismo in her spare time!

Anyways, they might meet Miki Naoki and Kei Shidou next week… unless someone dies that is!

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