Charlotte Episode #05

Oh look, it’s Nao Tomori’s friends who call her out for some chit-chat…

…except that it involves beating the shit out of her for no apparent reason! So much hate going on for Tomori-san that I pity her.

In any case, let’s move onto the main event as the student council finds another teen with powers again.

This time, they’re gonna camp out in the woods for two days in order to capture a person who can fly and float in mid-air.

Yes, this guy in bandana wants to be a superstar just like Skyhigh Saito (what a lamest name ever). But alas, he has no choice but to give up his dream as his powers will lose over-time once he reaches adulthood!

For now though, this guy will have to stay at Hoshinoumi Academy for the time being.

Meanwhile, we have some plot advancement courtesy of Yuu Otosaka as he saw a mysterious person on his dream. I wonder if that guy was Yuu’s long-lost brother or something?

Anyways, see ya next week. Oh and one more thing, these so-called “friends” of Nao Tomori should explain why they have to beat her. C’mon, did Nao involve in some tragedy that she’s the only survivor, or something that involves bullying?

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