Ore Monogatari!! Episode #17

Oh look, seems that Rinko Yamato doesn’t like spicy food for some reason…

But you know what, let Takeo Gouda eat her share but he didn’t realize that it was an indirect kiss until a little bit later!

Anyways, this is a Chirstmas episode but it’ll not focus on their lovey-dovey moments between Rinko-chan and Takeo-kun…

That’s because this episode will focus on Kurihara and Nanako. While Nanako-san has some feelings for the afro kid, seems that Kurihara is so obnoxious that he doesn’t have any delicacy towards Rinko’s friend.

Even Rinko-chan and Takeo-kun’s efforts on putting them together went in vain since Kurihara wasn’t considerate to her feelings. Heck, there’s one time where he supposed to save Nanako from thugs but Kurihara end up calling Gouda for help, which is a no-no since it’ll make Kurihara less of a man.

But after being encouraged by Takeo-kun, Kurihara manned up in order to reconcile and confess his feelings for Nanako-san… by climbing a Christmas tree and getting the special star!

He’s not that strong than Takeo Gouda, but Kurihara has the determination to make Nanako his girlfriend.

See, even Nanako is surprised to see Kurihara going great lengths to confess his feelings for her.

Well in the end though, he did get the star all by himself and it’s all good!

Anyways, an unlikely couple was born on this Christmas episode! And it seems that they made their first kiss afterwards, something that Rinko-chan failed to do after being Takeo’s boyfriend for so long.

With that said, see ya on the next episode…

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