Symphogear GX Episode #05

This is Carol’s father, who happened to be an alchemist despite being a bumbling dad. Too bad though as he was burned alive for being a heretic… and that was centuries ago!

And with that said, Carol Malus Dienheim wants to avenge her father’s death by bringing the world into ruin using alchemy.

On the other hand, Elfnein is having dreams about her father since she was a clone to Carol Malus Dienheim.

And speaking of fathers, seems that this third season might explore some daddy issues in regards to both Hibiki and Tsubasa!

Meanwhile for Hibiki, seems that she’s a-okay but she can’t fight right now as her Gungnir is unusable right now after last week’s episode.

Let’s hope that Hibiki can sing and kick ass again but for now though, Elfnein is busy upgrading the Symphogears to combat the Auto-Scorers and their Alca-Noise minions. Of course, it’s a race against time…

…as the Alca-Noise are destroying every single generator across Japan, just to cut off the power supply towards SONG’s submarine.

Without power, Hibiki might die and the upgrades will be gone for good!

So, it’s time for Kirika and Shirabe to hold off the line until the upgrades are completed. Sadly though, the pair didn’t last long…

…as Micha Jawkan destroyed their Symphogears, leaving them helpless as both Kirika and Shirabe are about to become carbon dust by the Alca-Noise!

But that’s until they’re saved by both Tsubasa Kazanari and Chris Yukine, now better than ever thanks to Elfnein’s upgrades!

And with that, enjoy the week-long waiting of Episode 6 as this episode ends with a cliffhanger.

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