Working!!! Episode #05

Remember last week where Mahiru got dejected that Souta didn’t notice her one bit? Well, seems that Takanashi-kun got affected that he cleaned the whole house sparkly-clean!

Honestly, I think he’s the one who got hurt the most after Ep. 4…

On the other hand, Izumi is worried about her little brother that she wants to cheer Souta up a bit.

Also, I think Izumi should work on the next volume of her novel as her editor is very furious about her slump! (By the way, Yoshitsugu Matsuoka voiced Izumi’s editor so it’s a surprise there.)

So anyways, Izumi decides to help Souta-kun by introducing a girl to his life… who happened to be Mahiru Inami!

By the way Izumi-san, you’re creeping Inami-san out by grabbing her shoulder from behind. But with that said, Mahiru agrees to meet Izumi’s brother.

But then again, their date was so awkward as Mahiru-chan is wearing a paper bag (without holes) and boxing gloves since she’s still have her androphobia.

Good thing Souta Takanashi is there so Mahiru-chan is a-okay, but the awkwardness is still there!

Back at Wagnaria, seems that Aoi-chan is interested in natto. Just kidding as Aoi Yamada was once hated natto because it spilled her uniform, but she reconciled after talking to her co-workers about it!

Well, that was the weirdest thing that happened on this episode.

And now, I end this post as the awkwardness surrounding both Mahiru and Souta intensifies. And you can see Inami-chan burning up a lot due to this!

While their relationship got improved a bit, they’re still stuck as friends so it’s not yet the time for both Mahiru and Souta to become an official couple!

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