Durarara!!×2 Episode #17

Here’s Akane-chan training to kill- I mean defend herself from would-be kidnappers and child molesters.

C’mon, it’s a good investment on learning in the art of self-defense!

Meanwhile, some creep is training his skills to stalk and rape a certain Ruri Hijiribe. I mean, seeing him licking Ruri’s picture and eating it is so freaking gross!

Can someone beat this stalker up before he cause trouble for Ruri!

Meanwhile, seems that Aoba’s Blue Squares are starting to ramp up within the Dollars rank. And look, they’re wearing ski masks with a shark motif just to look cool and edgy! But you know what, I feel that Mikado having Blue Squares at his gang might do more harm than before.

Remember the Yellow Scarves, anyone? I hope you take notes as Aoba is starting to turn Dollars into a circle of thugs, which is the reason why Shizuo left in the first place ’cause he doesn’t want to involve in more trouble.

Speaking of Aoba, he already met Shinra and Celty previously in this flashback. However, Kuronuma backed-off as Shinra prepares to scalpel him before Celty intervenes.

It would be a bad idea if Aoba went missing that the police might notice and start searching in Shinra’s apartment. But you know what, Kuronuma ain’t nothing against a bigger troll like Izaya Orihara!

Anyways, I’m gonna end this episode with Masaomi Kida and his girlfriend Saki Mikajima as they’re enjoying chatting with the new Dollars members.

While Masaomi is planning to go back to Ikebukuro as he’s freaking worried about Mikado, the question is when will he return?

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