Joukamachi no Dandelion Episode #05

Let’s talk about another set of twins, shall we?

Anyways, here’s the sixth child of the royal family named Haruka Sakurada, who recently helped Hikari to become an idol and he has a fan-site dedicated to the camera-shy Akane Sakurada!

Oh yeah, and he has an ability called “Lots of Next” which calculates the probability of a certain situation ever happening.

As you can see, Shiori-sama has 80% chance of splitting the watermelon open!

And yes, it did happen effortlessly. You may thank Haruka for his ability!

Also, I forgot to tell you that they’re not actually at the beach as it was revealed that they’re inside a simulator. Too bad though as Akane-chan just ran into a barrier and pushed the walls down! Poor Akane…

Moving onto Haruka’s other twin as I introduce you to Misaku Sakurada, the fifth child of the Sakurada family who has no particular talent nor having great looks compared to older sisters.

So while Misaki looked bland as she’s being interviewed, there’s one thing that stands out the most for her…

And that’s her cloning ability called “All for One”, which produces seven clones based on seven deadly sins.

In fact, her clones are so well known that the real Misaki’s blandness got worse, which worries her so much! You know what Misaki, why don’t you get comforted by Haruka… in bed!

Anyways, onto the next episode!

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