Kuusen Madoushi Kouhosei no Kyoukan Episode #05

Rico Flamel, you know her as the self-proclaimed goddess in Mistgun Academy City. But behind her amazing sniping skills and her godly looks, Rico-sama has a dark secret that is kept hidden until now…

And that’s being overshadowed by her sister Flonne Flamel, who is more god-like than Rico in terms of appearance and intelligence. So in short, Rico-sama doesn’t like seeing herself as inferior and so she took up her mask and become the goddess she’s known for.

But you know what, I think she should get some advice from Kanata Age even if Rico will have to lower her status to become on-par with mere mortals like Misora and Lecty!

Speaking of Kanata, seems that he’s teaching Misora a new Battle Art called Strike Blaster. This Battle Art uses large amounts of magic to create an energy ball and send it to the enemy.

While Misora can fire three Strike Blasters a day due to her large capacity of energy (in exchange for her breasts size) should she learn how to use it, Kanata can only fire one as his body couldn’t take much longer to fire another!

But with that said, I hope that Misora can use that Battle Art to her fullest, and let’s not forget about Rico-sama as she needs to become an effective team-player rather than a selfish individual via Kanata’s advice. After all, both Misora and Lecty are already trained!

And look, the E-601 Fireteam are ready for their first ranked match… and let’s hope that they win and defy those naysayers!

But then, it seems that their match will have to postpone as a swarm of Devil Beetles are about to invade Mistgun!

And remember, being killed by those beetles and being forgotten by Naturals is very painful!

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