Ore Monogatari!! Episode #18

This is Osamu Kurihara, and he’s feeling happy today that he got Nanako Yamazaki as his girlfriend. Let’s hope that they don’t hit some bumps on their relationship!

Anyways, it’s New Year’s Day on this episode. But of course, this special day is also dedicated to a certain big guy.

That’s right, New Year’s Day is actually Takeo Gouda’s birthday! So while the rest are busy spending the holiday with the family, Takeo is celebrating his birthday with Rinko Yamato.

In any case, Gouda already got his present from Yamato (which is very cute), but there’s far more important than just gifts…

…as they kissed each other in the lips, not once but twice! By the way, Takeo’s “practice kiss” with Makoto Sunakawa doesn’t count.

So yes, their relationship leveled up more on New Year’s Day, and let’s just say that Takeo-kun couldn’t forget this memorable day!

With that said, I’m glad that they did this damn kiss on this episode!

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