Symphogear GX Episode #06

Well, seems that Micha decides to retreat as Carol Malus Dienheim takes over…

…and transforms into her adult form using her vast reserves of memories spanning centuries!

Oh, and she’s making sure that her breasts are firm. Oh Carol!

Meanwhile, Hibiki has finally returned after being beaten by Micha in Ep. 4. Of course, her song wasn’t enough to beat the alchemist!

So Hibiki and her friends decide to use the power of Dainsleif to activate their second form.

But that involves getting berserk in the process due to Dainsleif’s curse. In fact, the curse is warping their hearts out, corrupting it until they become mindless killing machines!

However, they snapped out of it due to their combined willpower, and thus Hibiki and her friends become stronger. With that said, Elfnein’s Project Ignite was a success!

Speaking of Hibiki, she delivered a powerful Not-Falcon Punch at Carol. Combined with Tsubasa and Chris’ attacks, she sends the alchemist flying towards the wall!

And look, the tables have been turned for Carol. However, it’s not yet over for her…

…as Hibiki delivered a meteor-dropping kick to finish Carol off. Well, that’s overkill!

But anyways, the dust has been settled as Carol Malus Dienheim is finally defeated. And now, it’s time for Hibiki to befriend the alchemist!

However, she decides to burn herself as being captured is humiliating than being killed in battle!

Also, Carol couldn’t remember anything after using her memories to transform into her adult form, which means that she couldn’t remember her father.

But yes, it’s sucks that Carol just died there instead of sticking around on the final episode. And by the way, it’s not yet over!

So while Carol is defeated, her Auto-Scorers are still functional and they’re ready to fight the Symphogear users at any time. In any case, see ya next week!

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