Working!!! Episode #06

Gotta say, Takanashi-kun seeing Inami-san is so awkward after last week’s episode. Sooner or later, they’ll become a couple!

Also, seems that he’s spacing out a bit as Aoi Yamada got soaked pretty much. Well, at least you don’t need to take a shower or anything!

Speaking of Aoi-chan, her non-existent brother Kirio is still finding for his long-lost sister. Then again, Kirio got side-tracked easily as he wants to see Mahiru-chan badly. But I’ll get back to the Yamada siblings for a sec!

Meanwhile, Nazuna-chan returns to Wagnaria for a part-time job there. Oh, and she’s not here for some credit at her school.

In fact, Nazuna is subbing Popura-chan as she has a toothache and got a fever too. And believe me, Taneshima-san getting sick will get her into bizarre dreams…

…like Popura-chan becoming a magical girl and she was tasked to beat the demon lord, who happened to be Katanashi-kun.

You know what, I feel that Demon Lord Souta should act like Lelouch Lamperouge for once! But let’s get back to the Yamadas…

…as Aoi-chan “accidentally” met Kirio. Well guys and girls, it was a breakthrough moment after being kept hidden by Souma-san for so long.

And now it’s time for Kirio to take Aoi-chan home, but she refuses ’cause Aoi-chan wants to stay at Wagnaria together with Otoo-san and the rest of the staff! Honestly, it’ll take time for Aoi-chan to go back to her real family.

Anyways, looks like the series is moving forward at a fast pace as Working!!! has reached the halfway mark!

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