Charlotte Episode #06

Well, seems that Ayu-chan has a fever and she can’t cook this time around! But you know what, there’s one thing (or person) that could help Ayumi get back up in her feet…

All you need is Yusarin and Ayumi’s fever will go away!

And look, Ayu-chan got better- Wait, I don’t think she’s a-okay when Ayumi is bleeding profusely. Dammit, somebody get a tissue!

But anyways, glad that Ayumi is happy that Yusa Nishimori came to visit her… and her fever is gone after resting for a day!

Of course, it’s not like Ayumi is a-okay from danger…

…as Ayu-chan returned to school where she supposed to stay indoors as told by Yuu-niichan!

And as you can see, her life is threatened by this girl named Konishi, who got jealous at Ayucchi because her crush Oikawa chose Ayumi instead of her.

I’m feeling those Another vibes on this picture but in any case, Ayumi is fucked up…

…until she awakened her powers in which she made an earthquake and destroyed one part of the middle school.

And then she got trapped inside. Say it ain’t so, Jun Maeda!

So yeah, Nao Tomori and Yuu Otosaka couldn’t believe it. Of course, they’re not the one who are finding Ayu-chan…

There’s also this girl who knows about superpowers, but it seems that she’s from a different faction judging from her uniform.

Whether this girl is an ally or not, Ayumi’s life is in danger and I’ll see you on the next episode!

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