Durarara!!×2 Episode #18

Kisuke Adabashi, you know him as Ruri Hijiribe’s number one stalker and it seems that he’s connected to Jinnai Yodogiri.

Yeah, this guy is creeping me out!

Speaking of Jinnai Yodogiri, Ruri has some bad memories from him.

Ranging from being a lab rat in an adult video to being forced into becoming an idol, you know that this old bastard made Hijiribe’s life a living hell… until she met Kasuka!

While Ruri’s current life is somewhat better, she couldn’t escape the past as long as Yodogiri is around.

Meanwhile, Masaomi Kida has finally returned to Ikebukuro after a long wait (and much teasing from previous episodes).

Oh yeah, and Kida-kun asked Heiwajima-san for some new information on what’s happening around town.

But what he got is a forehead flick instead. Well Masaomi, you got the wrong person to talked with!

And by the way, that flick was payback when Shizuo got mugged by Kida’s Yellow Scarves. In any case, see you next week…

…where Adabashi visits a condo unit from a certain doctor. Let’s hope that he won’t do more trouble like beating Shinra up!

Oh wait, I lied! Damn that creepy stalker, Adabashi has gone too far!

Please Celty, save Shinra and beat this shit out of this bastard!

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