Kuusen Madoushi Kouhosei no Kyoukan Episode #06

Hey guys and girls, let’s say hi to one of Kanata Age’s former comrades: Chloe Zeveni.

Yes, this girl put him as the instructor of the E-601 Fireteam. Of course, their ranked match will have to be postponed…

…as Mistgun is being invaded by by a swarm of Devil Beetles. And look, this Chimera controls the whole swarm and beating it to stop the beetles is no easy task.

But you know what, let someone do this job! And no, I don’t mean the E-601 Fireteam…

What I meant is Kanata Age as he’s gonna show his true powers. And he’ll show it once as Kanata couldn’t use it for the second time.

In fact, that’s the reason why Kanata couldn’t do strenuous missions as his body couldn’t take it!

And so, Kanata just blaze through the beetles and killed the Chimera with a single strike. Wow, that was quick and it wasn’t exciting as I hope for!

But hey, at least Mistgun is completely safe, right? Not quite though…

Remember Real Nua? Seems that he found a part of the Chimera that was slain earlier.

Oh, and I have a feeling that he’ll become a villain in the future so it’s gonna suck for Kanata and the E-601 Fireteam!

As for E-601 Fireteam though, it seems that they lost. No surprises there since it’s their first battle together after clearing up some beetles!

Still, it’s not like that they’ll be losers forever as there will be a tournament coming up. With that said, onto the next episode!

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