Gakkou Gurashi Episode #06

Well guys and girls, Miki Naoki returned to Megurigaoka High School safe and sound. But you know what, I think Mii-kun needs to join the School Living Club so that she won’t get driven to suicide!

But first, Yuki introduces to her teacher Megu-nee. Like I said, Sakura-sensei doesn’t show any presence but she’s still a caring teacher towards Yuki!

On the other hand, it’s weird that Yuki talks to Megu-nee like they’re best friends…

…but my concern is that where’s Sakura-sensei? And it’s strange to see Yuki talking to no one but herself.

Everyone, time for a big reveal in regards to Megumi Sakura. And I have to say, it was painful to watch it!

It turns out, Megu-nee got killed after saving Yuki from zombies. And since she was bitten already, Megu-nee will eventually become one of them!

Well, I couldn’t believe that Sakura-sensei died on this episode. And I have to wonder if Yuki is still being delusional as if that incident didn’t happen, or if she’s starting to sink into this harsh reality?

Regardless, I have to accept this awful truth about Megu-nee and it seems that Rii-san, Kurumi, and Mii-kun will have to play with Yuki’s delusions for the time being.

After all, doing club activities is better than being gloomy all the time!

With that said, I’ll end this post as the School Living Club are hosting a sports event. And by the way, Miki Naoki became a member of the School Living Club as of this episode!

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