Joukamachi no Dandelion Episode #07

Here’s the queen and king of Japan as Satsuki-sama and Souichiro-sama are heading out for a business trip.

So, the king let Kanade-sama take care of Akane and Shiori. However, I feel that Souichiro-sama is still worried about his children. We’ll get to that later…

In any case, Akane-sama is being taken care of by Kanade-sama. Just don’t make a cure-all if you don’t want to get bankrupt, Kanade-sama!

Oh yeah, let’s not forget on baby-sitting Shiori-sama since she’s the youngest member of the Sakurada royal family. And I have to say that it’s so cute leaning Shiori’s head on Kanade’s large bust!

By the way, remember what I told you earlier that Soichiro-sama is freaking worried on his daughters? Well, I have to say that he couldn’t stand it…

So, he contacted a SWAT team to guard his daughters but it turned out to be bothersome for Kanade-sama.

Seriously Souichiro-sama, do you have any trust to your daughter Kanade? You’re such a worry-wart that she’s angry about it!

Meanwhile, let’s move onto the next part of this episode as Hikari’s secret idol career continues.

While she’s talented due to having connections, seems that Sachiko is getting jealous that Hikari performed endlessly. After all, Sachiko didn’t become a successful idol overnight as she trained hard to become the best idol in the business.

In any case, both Hikari and Sachiko trained together for their next concert together. Their temporary unit name is “Saachi ☆ Light” and it seems that they’re performing fine…

…until Sachiko tripped and fell during the second half of their concert. Damn it’s sucks, and you should know that Sachiko made great effort for this concert!

So, it’s time for Hikari (or Light) to pick up the slack from Saa-chan by going solo. It was impressive that Hikari made effort on this last performance, but it’s still sucks that Sachiko didn’t join in due to her leg sprain!

With that said, the concert was a success. Of course, seems that a certain member of the Sakurada family wanted to see Sachiko badly that she went there in a single bound. But you know what, it’ll be bothersome for Akane-sama to just barged into Hikari’s concert!

Anyways, see ya next week…

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