Ore Monogatari!! Episode #19

Let’s talk about Yuriko Takeo on this episode shall we? And as you can see, she’s freaking badass that Takeo inherited from his mother

Saving Takeo from an oncoming car? Well, Yuriko-san can do that!

Even if she’s pregnant, Yuriko can do strenuous chores like it was nothing. Of course, that worries Takeo-kun and her husband Yutaka much!

C’mon Takeo-kun, your mom is tough!

Oh yeah, and there’s one time where Yuriko-san saved a fellow pregnant woman from falling off the stairs due to being anemic.

Even if she’s about to give birth soon, Yuriko-san still shows her badassery to help people in need!

In any case, it’s time to repay Yuriko by being carried with her son towards the operating room.

Good job Takeo-kun, now let’s wait for your mother to give birth to your young sibling…

And look, Yuriko-san gave birth to a healthy baby girl. How adorable!

Even Takeo-kun, Rinko-chan and Makoto are amazed to see Yuriko’s second child! I’m glad that she successfully gave birth to Takeo’s cute little sister!

Well guys and girls, another episode has ended in Ore Monogatari!! Tune in next time…

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