Symphogear GX Episode #07

Maria Cadenzavna Eve, the enigmatic singer who has self-doubt due to her weakness as a Symphogear user.

With no relic to use, she’s pretty much useless!

Speaking of relics, Kirika’s Igalima and Shirabe’s Shul Shagana are fully-repaired. However, they haven’t use the Ignite module yet so it won’t be long that they’ll use it against the remaining Auto-Scorers.

By the way, they’re at the beach as part of their training. It’s not like they’re doing rest and relaxation all day!

Meanwhile, Maria teaches Elfnein on how to make a proper serve. Honestly, she acted like a mother just like Rias Gremory!

With that said, I hope their training continues without a hitch…

Just kidding, seems that Garie ruined their summer training camp. That bitch, she must be defeated!

Luckily, Maria got her relic Airgetlám‎ back as she returned to kick some ass! Remember, this is also a memento from her dead sister Serena.

Of course, while she can beat Alca-Noises, Maria’s power alone couldn’t beat Garie…

So she does the best thing by using the Ignite module to power up. Good luck with that, Maria!

At first, it didn’t go smoothly due to Dainsleif’s curse in which Maria got berserk ala Hibiki from Symphogear G…

…but Maria finally controlled it. Personally, I like how Maria accepted that she’s weak and thus turn into her power!

With that said, Project Ignite was a success for Maria Cadenzavna Eve.

And she made a wallop against Garie that her shields just broke through…

…culminating into her defeat. Sorry Garie but while you’re looking forward to destroy her relic, Maria destroyed you instead!

One Auto-Scorer down, three to go!

But on the other hand, the remaining Auto-Scorers are not concerned about Garie’s defeat as they have other plans.

I mean, Phara just completed her infiltration where she stole information regarding ley lines. Damn, seems that they’re one step ahead of SONG at this point!

Anyways, I’ll end this post as I introduce this guy…

…who happened to be Hibiki’s long-lost father. Oh boy, daddy issues incoming on the next episode!

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