Gakkou Gurashi Episode #07

You know, it would be nice if this one happened where seniors like Kurumi, Rii-san, and Yuki graduated without a hitch!

But then again, this series is helm by one of the writers from Nitroplus and speaking of that company, Examu’s Nitroplus Blasterz Heroines: Infinite Duel added Yuki Takeya as a playable character.

But anyways, seems that they’re back to the present somehow as they talk about those memories when they save Mii-kun at the shopping mall, all while eating soba since it’s not like they’re in despair or anything!

But then again, Kurumi told that she, Mii-kun (plus Taroumaru), Rii-san, and Yuki are driving away from the mall and heading back to their home base.

Not mentioning Megu-nee would put Yuki-chan into a mental breakdown. I mean, she doesn’t want to remember that moment where Sakura-sensei died because of “them”!

Therefore, Yuki stepped out a bit and pretend that event didn’t happen! Well girls, please play with Yuki’s delusions instead of telling the truth. I mean, Yuki couldn’t stomach it!

And let’s face it, Yuki is pretending that Megu-nee is with her all the time! Of course, I’m worried about her sanity… or it seems that she already lost it due to that unfortunate event!

Meanwhile, seems that Mii-kun found a key belonging to Sakura-sensei. I wonder if that key leads something sinister that Megu-nee kept it hidden from her students?

Oh god, I have a bad feeling about this!

For now, I’m gonna end this post as the girls send letters via balloons (and a pigeon)!

Even though it’s a low chance that someone would get their message, at least they did something to prove that they exist instead of being dead!

Oh well, see ya next week and enjoy the scenery!

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