Joukamachi no Dandelion Episode #08

Remember this girl? That’s Hana Satou and she’s in love with Shuu Sakurada…

…so she asked Akane-sama for help. But Hana-chan got scared because of Akane’s powers getting out of control!

So yes, Akane helped Hana-chan for some advice, but she’s getting the attention of the general public.

C’mon Akane, you can do it since you’re aiming to become the next ruler… so you can just shut yourself inside your castle forever!

But then again, Akane’s powers are starting to go crazy than ever before! And you know what’s worse…

…the fact that she’s being seen by everyone is very terrifying. Yeah, and creepy too!

In any case, it’s a worst-case scenario for Akane-sama as she’s breaking out… and I mean losing her clothes due to embarrassment!

But don’t worry though as Hana-chan saved her from having her naked body seen by everyone. Thank you for giving her clothes, Hana Satou!

Oh yeah, and Hana tells everyone that she loves Shuu Sakurada even though she’s not dating Akane’s brother!

Good luck on explaining that to Shuu-sama as well as Kanade-sama about this stunt.

Speaking of Shuu-chan… Just kidding, this is Souichiro Sakurada in his younger years as while he becomes the king after his parents passed away, it seems that everyone are too scared to approach him.

Really, having a maid looking at Souichiro-sama 24/7 would scare people a lot!

But that’s until he met Satsuki Shinonome when Souichiro got away from the maid and went to the rooftop by himself!

While she’s one-year older than Souichiro and a commoner who has four siblings that almost resembled her future kids, Satsuki opened Souichiro’s heart to become a better person.

I mean, she helped him smile a lot instead of having a frown face all the time. And by the way, Souichiro’s face is so stretchy but that’s anime physics so it can’t be helped then!

With that said, Souichiro-sama grew up into a respectable king of the country, married Satsuki Shinonome and became his queen where they have nine children that’ll compete for the spot on becoming the next ruler!

On the other hand, I wonder what happened to Satsuki’s siblings after becoming the queen of the country?

Lastly, let’s get back to the present as Shuu confronts Hana after her declaration of love. C’mon Shuu-chan, try taking responsibility on Hana Satou by becoming her boyfriend instead of getting away with this!

And once they’re about to seal the deal with a kiss (much to Kanade’s chargin’) after making up…

Hana’s face got literally froze up due to Shuu’s Transporter getting out of control as they teleported to a snowy mountain. Let’s save that kiss some other time!

Well then, it’s a good thing that Shuu has a girlfriend and it’s interesting to see Souichiro’s backstory before having his own family. In any case, see ya next week!

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