Aquarion Logos Episode #03

Hey guys and girls, it’s been a while and I’m lagging behind due to being busy blogging other shows. But anyways, here’s the third season where DEAVA introduces a new member (and the main focus for this episode) named Karan Uminagi.

By the way, Karan-chan wants to become an idol because her mother said so. Then again, I feel that she wanted to pursue a different career apart from being forced by her mother to become an idol!

Also, all Vector pilots must wear their Aquariphones at all times. Unfortunately, neither Akira Kaibuki nor Maia Tsukigane didn’t wear one as the former can sense danger ’cause he’s the self-proclaimed savior, while the latter has no sense of direction!

Seriously Akira, just wear the Aquariphone if you don’t want your commander to get angry at you!

Anyways, here’s the MJBK for this episode as it corrupts the word “dream” and makes everyone crazy on pursuing it!

This includes Kanan’s mother, which revealed that she wanted to become famous at a young age but she couldn’t. So therefore, Mrs. Uminagi is pushing her daughter to become a top idol!

But you know what, I think she shouldn’t push her fleeting memories to Kanan-chan. After all, it’s all in the past and Kanan wants to be a voice actress someday!

With that said, it’s time for Kanan-chan to pilot one of the Vectors and merge with Akira…

…to create a new form of Aquarion, which puts grace in every attack!

And look, Kanan and Akira just danced that MJBK into oblivion. With that, another MJBK was destroyed and it seems that Sougon didn’t felt bad about losing one of his monsters!

On the other hand, where’s Maia where she supposed to keep an eye on Akira?

Well, she’s at the park and being surrounded by cats, and now you know why she’s suck at finding her way back. Don’t worry though, DEAVA found her at the right time!

In any case, I might not blog the next episode right away but I’m still watching Aquarion Logos even though it’s different!

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