Charlotte Episode #08

Well everyone, Yuu Otosaka has returned to Hoshinoumi Academy and he’s greeted by Yusarin and Takajou-kun!

Of course, those Yusarin fans at the back are very jealous that they want Yuu dead. Those assholes!

Then again, Yusarin did a magic spell to calm her fans down…

…but instead become even more fanatic than before, including Joujirou Takajou. Damn those wotas!

Of course, while Yusa Nishimori is popular, her music couldn’t surpass the likes of ZHIEND.

And speaking of Nao’s favorite band, see this blind woman with red hair? That’s the vocalist of ZHIEND named Sala Shane and it’s a coincidence that Yuu met her on his way back to his apartment! Come to think of it, I wonder if Sala Shane happened to be a reincarnated Masami Iwasawa?

Then again, her backstory is different from Iwasawa as I have a hunch that Sala, who have no talent at singing and playing guitar, has powers during her adolescence. And also, the reason why Sala lost her eyesight is because she abused her powers at the height of her career and that’s why Sala trade it as repentance!

Now that I’m done introducing Sala Shane, it’s time to bring her to a certain fan of ZHIEND…

…who happened to be Nao Tomori’s brother who is “composing music” by thrashing like a madman. Well, it can’t be help as those evil scientists experimented Kazuki Tomori until he got insane!

But that’s until Sala Shane decided to calm Kazuki down by singing. Sure that the lyrics are somewhat gratuitous, but it doesn’t matter as her music calms any person down.

And that’s why Kazuki stopped his thrashing thanks to Sala’s lovely voice. Way to go!

And look, Kazuki recognized his sister Nao so it was a miracle thanks to Sala Shane!

Well then, that would be it for this week’s episode of Charlotte. Too bad though as Nao Tomori didn’t see Sala Shane up-close. I guess that she’s looking forward for her concert instead!

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