Working!!! Episode #08

Let’s start this episode where Hyougo finally met Haruna after a long time!

But then again, Haruna just ran away afterwards. Well, here we go again…

So after that drama-filled episode last week, Aoi Yamada has decided to stay at Wagnaria for longer (with her mother’s consent, of course).

Still, Kikuno-san couldn’t speak properly so the atmosphere is somewhat awkward!

Meanwhile, both Kirio Yamada and Hiroomi Souma are mocking Souta Takanashi for acting awkward towards Mahiru Inami lately. I have a feeling that there would be repercussions to both of them afterwards…

So, Souta just beat those two up because that’s what they get for mocking him.

Seriously Kirio and Souma-san, don’t tick him off just because Takanashi-kun couldn’t tell his feelings straight to Inami-chan! Also, Aoi-chan still hates Kirio for eating her portion of natto!

Meanwhile, Jun Satou is giving birthday gifts to Yachiyo Todoroki…

Well, more than one gift actually as he was so hesitant for 4 years until now! But hey, what’s important is that Satou-san gave Yachiyo presents and that’s what counts!

Hey Mitsuki, are you damn curious about Yachiyo receiving gifts from Satou-san? Honestly, you should give something awesome on her birthday next time!

And finally, I’ll wrap up this post as Aoi-chan got a cellphone from her mother. But then again, Kikuno-san couldn’t spill it out towards her daughter through text message that only Kirio can interpret it!

One more thing, while Popura-chan grew one centimeter, she’s still short which is a good thing for both Satou-san and Katanashi-kun! Anyways, see ya next week…

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