Symphogear GX Episode #08

Hey guys and girls, seems that Hibiki’s father wanted to start a new leaf with her daughter. But then again, Hibiki refuses as Mr. Tachibana abandoned her when she needed him the most!

So therefore, Hibiki ran away from her dad ’cause she resented him. Sorry Mr. Tachibana, but I don’t think your daughter would follow you at the moment!

Meanwhile, seems that the Auto-Scorers got information after stealing it last episode. As it turns out, they wanted to destroy those ley lines to create a cataclysm across Earth.

So if you’re curious on why they destroy various power plants and electrical grids? Well, this is what they’re aiming for!

Anyways, let’s move onto the action where Micha Jawkan are destroying power grids for the LULZ!

Naturally, the Symphogear users rushed into the scene to stop Micha from destroying it further.

This includes Hibiki by the way. But given her current emotional state, she’s doing more harm than good…

…culminating to her defeat by Micha. Seriously Tachibana-san, you’re in an emotional wreck today!

In any case, I think she should resolve her daddy issues as soon as possible, even if her father is an asshole and a coward too.

With Hibiki out of commission, it’s time for both Shirabe and Kirika to shine! Unfortunately, they have a bit of a fall-out as Kirika is furious in regards to Shirabe guarding her.

Sure that Kirika can defend by herself, but you know that Shirabe loves Kirika so much.

Sure that Kirika can defend by herself, but Shirabe loves Kirika so much. So when her friend got hurt by Micha, you know that Shirabe is freaking worried!

Luckily, Kirika and Shirabe have their Ignite Module ready ’cause it’s time to power up.

And look, they succeed on conquering the Dainsleif’s curse. With that said, all of the Symphogear users have used the Ignite Module and successfully powered-up!

Speaking of power-ups, Micha got some of it as well… by shedding her clothes.

While there are no nipples shown, the fact that having her ball joints shown reminds me of Rozen Maiden. Seriously, who cares ’bout Rozen Maiden!

In any case, both Kirika and Shirabe combined their powers to beat that crazy Auto-Scorer down.

After all, their yuri powers is stronger on this fight!

Sorry Micha Jawkan, you’re bound to be defeated by turning your body…

…into explodium! With that said, two Auto-Scorers down and two more to go.

Still, the remaining Auto-Scorers aren’t concerned about Micha’s defeat as their plan is moving ahead!

As for Shirabe and Kirika, they finally reconciled after their short quarrel (no kiss however). Good for both of them!

Well then, I can say that SONG’s Symphogear users are becoming more like Riot Force 6 from Nanoha StrikerS. Just kidding, both of them are completely different!

And to end this post, seems that a certain alchemist has returned after being defeated back in Ep. 6…

That’s right, I’m talking about Carol Malus Dienheim and she’s confident that her plan of dissecting the world will succeed. That’s because she’s using Elfnein to spy on the Symphogear users!

Gee, I have a bad feeling about this on future episode. Anyways, onto the next episode where I’m hoping that Tsubasa’s daddy issues will be resolved, as well as beating both Phara Suyuf and Leiur Darahim.

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