Kuusen Madoushi Kouhosei no Kyoukan Episode #08

Hey guys and girls, here’s something sinister as there’s a rumor that the boys of Mistgun Academy are being attacked by a hooded fellow, with darker aura to match to give it that “evil” feeling!

But then again, my gut feeling tells me that this hooded thug is none other than Dr. Real Nua, which I got it right after seeing his face at the end of this episode!

Speaking of this episode, this is where Yuri Flostre got impressed on Kanata Age during a ranked match as he deflected an arrow away from Yuri. But that was 3 years ago…

Today, she saw Kanata with contempt as he’s branded as a traitor among Mistgun Academy students. But then again, I think Yuri is acting like a typical tsundere character.

Seriously Yuri, are you gonna mock Kanata and his shitty fireteam or you’re just hanging out with a traitor?

Meanwhile, seems that the E-601 Fireteam are eavesdropping over Kanata’s flirting over his “former” teammate. Then again, Kanata noticed them eventually.

Anyways, I’m hoping that someone would stop Real Nua before it gets worse! C’mon, you want this doctor to capture Yuri Flostre and rape her?

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