Gakkou Gurashi Episode #08

Today’s episode, the School Living Club are doing treasure-hunting… at night! And while Yuki found useless things like stuffed toys and a sleeping bag, just hoping that they won’t encounter a certain zombie teacher.

On the other hand, I was wondering why Megurigaoka High School has so much solar panels, a vegetable patch, and a rain water collector? Let’s find that out…

…as Yuuri Wakasa used the key to open up a box that was hidden in a secret compartment.

And when she open the box which contain a DVD and other documents, Rii-san found something disturbing that she discussed it together with Mii-kun and Kurumi.

It turns out that Megurigaoka High School was built to preserve humanity should a biological weapon testing gone horribly wrong.

Oh yeah, and that biological weapon? I have a gut feeling that the company who build this school, happened to be responsible for unleashing that biological weapon by accident. Therefore, they’re the ones who at fault for turning civilians into zombies!

Anyways, looks like the girls are involved in a conspiracy. But wait, should they protect Yuki from zombies so I wonder where is she?

Oh great… This can’t be good for Yuki Takeya ’cause she might encounter a zombie, probably Megu-nee on the next episode. Let’s hope that Yuki won’t find that!

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