Charlotte Episode #09

Well guys and girls, since Yuu Otosaka met Sala Shane last episode, I think it’s time to repay the favor by attending the ZHIEND concert together with Nao Tomori.

Anyways, let’s enjoy the wonderful voice of Sala Shane as she sing her heart out in front of the crowd!

But upon hearing Sala’s voice, Yuu is starting to panic before he passed out.

On the other hand, hearing ZHIEND’s music helped him remember something that was lost…

Like this one where Yuu still has Ayumi on his side. Wait, I’m confused!

But in any case, it turns out that both Yuu and Ayumi were previously captured by those evil scientists who wanted to experiment kids and their powers!

Well, except for a few where this scientist helped Yuu escaped from his cell. Oh yeah, and it seems that Ayumi’s powers got berserk again which is why the whole facility got hit by an earthquake.

Sooner or later, Ayucchi might get dissected and they’ll dispose her body afterwards…

Then again, it’s not like Yuu can just escape by himself and leave his sister behind though as he has an ace of his sleeve.

It’s not his lame powers where he can hijack people in 5 seconds, but Yuu has the power to capture other powers and use it…

…just to find this guy who happened to appear on his dreams back in Episode 5. It turns out that this mysterious person is none other than Yuu’s long-lost brother Shunsuke, and he has the power to reverse time.

So without hesitation, Yuu asked Shun-niisan to turn him and Ayumi back in time, where they end up with the current timeline on this anime series.

And look, Yuu finally met Shunsuke in the current timeline after getting away from those scientist. Oh yeah, and that long-haired guy? That’s Kumagami, a.k.a. the guy who always drench himself in order to find other people with powers!

On the other hand, due to the events that unfolded from the previous timeline, Shunsuke became blind and he can’t uses his time-resetting powers. Speaking of Shun’s powers, it’s sucks that Yuu couldn’t capture it at his current state as I wanna see him manipulate time to save Ayumi.

In any case, I’ll see you next week to find out what’s in store for Shunsuke Otosaka!

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