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Symphogear GX Episode #09

Looks like Hibiki has recovered, but I’m not convinced that she’s fine because Hibiki still hates her dad! Damn, it’s gonna be a tough one to resolve…

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Yuruyuri Nachuyachumi!+ Episode #01

So, you want some more Yuruyuri? Well, there’s more Yuruyuri as TYO Animations made two extra episodes to promote the upcoming third season. And as you can see, the girls are still in summer vacation… starting with water balls!

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Durarara!!×2 Episode #21

Let’s start this episode as Celty was caught by police for over-speeding and not having head-lights for her “horse”. And by the way, Celty doesn’t like them at all! Then again, these guys are not aware that they’re dealing with … Continue reading

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Shinmai Maou no Testament Episodes #09 & 10

Sorry for the delays regarding Shinmai Maou. But hey, looks like Yuki’s body is ready… and you know what that means when there’s a full moon!

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