Durarara!!×2 Episode #21

Let’s start this episode as Celty was caught by police for over-speeding and not having head-lights for her “horse”. And by the way, Celty doesn’t like them at all!

Then again, these guys are not aware that they’re dealing with a dullahan.

Meanwhile, after being brutally beaten by Kisuke Adabashi, Shinra Kishitani is somewhat alive but he can’t stand up on his own two feet yet!

While he’s recovering from his bruises, Shinra tells Celty about his friendship with Izaya back in middle school…

Yeah, it was a rocky relationship where Shinra nags Izaya on joining the Biology Club. And when Izaya finally joined the Biology Club, Shinra’s life went sour after that…

…like getting stabbed by one of Izaya’s victims. Sure that Orihara took the blame for this accident, I have to say that he’ll get away eventually!

Still, they remained friends but Celty hates Izaya for dragging him to danger.

Speaking of Izaya, seems that he got a hold of his old friend Nakura, who is responsible for stabbing Shinra back in middle school.

And by the way, it was revealed that both Amphisbaena and Heaven’s Slave were founded by Izaya and Nakura.

Sadly for Nakura though, Izaya destroyed both organizations because he’s tired of it. Therefore, Nakura is fucked up thanks to that troll!

Anyways, another episode has ended for Durarara!!×2. See ya on the next episode…

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