Shinmai Maou no Testament Episodes #09 & 10

Sorry for the delays regarding Shinmai Maou. But hey, looks like Yuki’s body is ready… and you know what that means when there’s a full moon!

That’s right, it’s time for the Master-Servant Contract where Basara starts the ceremony by groping her lovely ass!

Even though she still has her lingerie on, you know that Yuki’s body is so freakin’ hot! I hope Maria record that for “future” reference…

Meanwhile, I would like to introduce this school nurse named Chisato Hasegawa. She’s somewhat related to Basara Toujou, but we’ll move to her later…

For now though, seems that Mio Naruse was captured by the enemy. And not only that, seems that Maria is in cahoots to a certain demon…

That’s right, it’s Zolgear and he not only wants Mio’s demonic powers, but he wants to turn her into his slave. Unfortunately, he couldn’t do it right now as Zolgear was summoned by Leohart, the current demon lord.

Also, Zolgear happened to capture Maria’s mother and use her as a bribe to that loli succubus. That bastard devil!

Outside of Zolgear’s mansion, Yahiro Takigawa (or should I say Lars) tried to convince a fellow demon named Zest…

…by taking Mio Naruse in exchange for Basara Toujou. Well Lars, that’s a nice proposal you have there.

But then again, Zolgear’s busty servant won’t accept his proposal. Therefore, Zest killed Lars and took Basara inside Zolgear’s mansion!

Damn, Yahiro-san will be missed on this series… or is it?

In any case, Basara was captured and he’s about to be seduced by Maria just to buy some time for Zolgear.

Of course, her loli body wasn’t enough to please Basara to the brim…

So Maria decides to become an adult instead by having a certain key inserted to her chest, so she can control his mind effectively.

And look, she sheds some clothes for this transformation sequence. Should it be better if the adult Maria remained naked?

I mean, Basara stripping her top just to suck her titties is a chore anyway. Unfortunately, it won’t be long though as Basacchi managed to break off Maria’s mind control…

See, his willpower is stronger that he backed off Maria’s seduction so he can use his Brynhildr sword to nullify the barrier.

Oh wait, seems that his real plan was to get captured by the enemy so he can destroy the invisible barrier…

…just for Yuki Nonaka to barge into the stronghold. Nice plan there, Basara-kun!

Oh, and she manage to free Mio Naruse from her shackles. While Yuki saved her friend from har, they’re still in danger…

…as they’ll have to deal with Zest. And honestly, I think her loyalty to Zolgear wasn’t genuine was she was forced to submit to that bastard devil’s will.

Good thing they barely beat Zest to the punch afterwards!

Meanwhile for Basara, he’s being punched by Maria for not submitting his body to her will. It can’t be helped then as Basara’s willpower is stronger!

And despite being punched repeatedly, he doesn’t give up as Basara convince Maria to stop serving under Zolgear and welcome Maria back to his harem family by hugging her. How sweet of him!

Also, Basara assures Maria that he’ll save her mother once he defeated Zolgear.

Speaking of Zolgear, he returned from his expedition but it seems that his mansion is getting rowdy all thanks to Basara Toujou and Yuki Nonaka!

Seriously, this guy needs to be killed fast for ruining Mio’s normal life, as well as capturing Maria’s mother and such!

Well guys and girls, I’ll be back to blog the last two episodes at the end of September.

And by the way, I won’t be surprised if Production IMS will air the second half in Shinmai Maou no Testament in its censored form!

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