Symphogear GX Episode #09

Looks like Hibiki has recovered, but I’m not convinced that she’s fine because Hibiki still hates her dad!

Damn, it’s gonna be a tough one to resolve…

Speaking of father issues, Tsubasa went back to her home together with Maria, as the Kazanari residence has a keystone that must be defended apart from seeing her father Yatsuhiro Kazanari.

Yes, Yatsuhiro Kazanari doesn’t consider Tsubasa as her daughter. And you know why? Because Tsubasa was actually Yatsuhiro and Genjuro’s little sister, born from her late grandfather Fudou!

Once more, Fudou selected Tsubasa as the next heir instead of either Yatsuhiro and Genjuro, because Fudou believes that he wants to have a pure-blooded heir to the Kazanari family. Yeah, that’s some sick back-story she has!

On another note, Tsubasa’s seiyuu Nana Mizuki wanted to please her father by becoming a successful voice actress and an anime singer. Sadly though, Nana’s father didn’t see the height of her career as he passed away back in 2008. Thanks to NHK’s Entertainment Nippon for that segment!

But moving onto the scene as their strained reunion was interrupted by Phara. Thanks to Elfnein, Carol and the remaining Auto-Scorers are one step ahead from the Symphogear users!

So with that said, Tsubasa decides to fight Phara with her improved Heavenrend. However…

…seems that Phara has a new ace on her sleeve as she can break swords, rendering Tsubasa’s weapons useless.

With that said, Tsubasa Kazanari was defeated and the keystone was destroyed! That’s sucks!

Meanwhile, Carol and Leiur went to a secret base named Neptune’s Palace in order to find Yantra Sarvasva, a relic that can control any machine.

Naturally, Carol Malus Dienheim wants to get a hold of that relic in order to trigger the end of the world!

Luckily, Chris and the rest of the Symphogear users managed to stop Carol from extracting the Yantra Sarvasva.

And speaking of that relic, they destroyed it by accident. Well it’s a good accident ’cause Carol won’t be using the Yantra Sarvasva anymore!

Now let’s get back to the surface as it’s time for Round 2 against Phara. And still, she can’t beat that Auto-Scorer!

But then, Tsubasa’s father told her to get up and achieve her dreams, which is becoming a singer instead of a fighting machine.

Wow, seems that he still cares for his adopted daughter! Thanks to Yatsuhiro’s encouragement, Tsubasa Kazanari got up on her feet once again!

And look, seems that her powered-up form got wings… Fiery, phoenix-like wings that are stronger than her swords!

Therefore, Phara Suyuf was defeated as her sword breaker wasn’t effective against Tsubasa’s fiery wings!

Still, Phara didn’t felt angry about her loss as she’s contributing to Carol’s cause with her death.

Back at Neptune’s Palace, seems that the Symphogear users got froze up for some reason.

Sure that they managed to destroy the Yantra Sarvasva, but they saw something (or someone) that shocked them…

…as Dr. Ver returned after Symphogear G! Damn, why it has to be him, and did he just saved Carol’s butt from being kicked by the likes of Chris, Shirabe, and Kirika?! Even Carol got surprised by his appearance!

Anyways, this series is getting crazy! What’s next, the return of Finé on the next episode!?

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