Yuruyuri Nachuyachumi!+ Episode #01

So, you want some more Yuruyuri? Well, there’s more Yuruyuri as TYO Animations made two extra episodes to promote the upcoming third season.

And as you can see, the girls are still in summer vacation… starting with water balls!

And yes, the girls are going to get drenched until sunset. Oh, and did anyone miss Akari Akaza?

Well, there she is as she got drenched too. You know, it would be nice if she became invisible after being hit (complete with “Akarin~!”)!

On the other hand, seems that Yui-sempai is dodging Kyouko’s attacks like it’s nothing. Of course, she’ll get wet eventually…

…as Kyouko cheated by spraying them with tap water. Damn, what a sore loser!

So, Yui returns Kyouko the favor by dumping her with a bucket of water.

But anyways, their water battle has ended and I hope they won’t catch a cold afterwards for the second half!

Now let’s move onto the second half where Yui strike a cute pose, but then she ran away and hide when Kyouko is about to take a picture of her.

While I like Kyouko capturing Yui’s rare expression, I guess that she’s shy in front of the camera!

Speaking of the camera, seems that Kyouko has decided to share some pictures from the previous OVA episode!

Let’s start with Hiwamari and Sakurako sharing their picture together. But then again, seems that they couldn’t share their moments together because of their current sexual tension!

On the other hand, Ayano-san wants to say “TOSHINO KYOUKO!” when she receive her picture, but she couldn’t because Ayano is shy to say it in front of Kyouko!

And finally- Wait, how come Rise Matsumoto got a picture of her together with Nishigaki-sensei, when both of them spend their vacation by themselves?

Oh well, I guess what’s important is that she got a picture of her and Nishigaki-sensei!

In any case, there’s more to come with one more episode coming up at the end of September. So till then, it’s time to say good-bye to these girls for the time being!

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